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Baby Showers - the lowdown!

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Baby Showers – the lowdown!

Baby Showers have recently become the new trend in baby-making. Did you have one? Would you want one?

I am yet to experience such an event, the trend hasn’t really hit my part of the world in a big way yet, but it is definitely a growing sensation in the UK.

On the surface, as the name suggests, it may seem like it’s all about the ‘shower’ of gifts, but there’s certainly more to this type of party than meets the eye. Yes, mothers-to-be will be showered with gifts and presents, from baby clothes and toys to vouchers and luxury pampering products for mummy – but it is also a gathering of support. Usually, it’ll look like a typical hen night, with all the girlies getting together and the focus point being the pregnant lady with the bump!

I was invited to a baby shower earlier this year, having never been to one before I was intrigued and excited to see what went on in one of these events. One of my best friends,
Michelle Stephens, was weeks away from giving birth to her first baby boy – unfortunately, due to the unexpected snow that came down heavily that day, I was snowed in and unable to make it.

I have since met the gorgeous baby boy, Charley Owain Stephens, and he is absolutely adorable, definitely worth the wait! But I still wanted to know what went on at the baby shower , and I am very grateful to Michelle for taking some time out of Mummy duties to answer some questions. Do you know what goes on at a baby shower? Well, Michelle is a typical girl, she has a lovely supportive family, and I’m guessing this is quite a clear picture of what would usually go down at a baby shower!

Was it your decision to have a baby shower?  
No, my sister and my mother arranged it all for me. I knew about it but didn't know the details, surprises etc. 

How long before your baby was born did you have your baby shower? 
It was planned for 2 weeks before my due date but I had Charley 8 days late so it was 3 weeks before he was born. 

How did you find the experience?  
It was lovely, I loved seeing friends and family as quite a few of them hadn't seen me for a while so were surprised at how big my bump had got!

What went down at this paarrrtay?
Well as we had a freak bout of snow a lot of people that were invited couldn't make it, so it was a lot smaller than my mam and sister had expected. It was better in a way though as I wasn't too overwhelmed and had a chance to chat to everyone. My mother and sis had decorated my mam’s house with bunting and lots of teddies dotted around. My teddies from my childhood were there too! They also got everyone who came to leave a message on a big tablecloth for me to keep for Charley. A big spread was laid out with cupcakes and lots of non-alcoholic drinks so I wouldn’t be the only one not drinking! 

What kind of gifts did you get?
 Lots and lots of different types of gifts. Clothes, nappies, teddies, flowers, baby essentials, candles, toys, a dressing gown and slippers, and my mam had made a gorgeous christening gown. 

What did the gifts mean to you?
Some were very sentimental like the christening gown as my mam had made it from her wedding dress. Others were funny and we had a laugh about them eg, the dressing gown had 'yummy mummy' embroidered on the back! And some alcohol pressies for after the birth. 

What kind of gift would you take to a baby shower if you didn't know the gender of the baby?  
Probably some baby essentials (vests, blanket, socks, mitts, bibs etc) or a little white outfit or teddy. I would also take something for the mum to be, nice bubble bath, candles or a bottle of non-alcoholic wine! 

If you have another baby, do you think you would have a baby shower next time?  
I would like to, it was fun!  x

Is there anything you would do different?
Check the weather forecast!!

If you have a baby shower to attend and you’re stuck for ideas of what to take, please feel free to browse our shop for ideas. The baby girls and boys clothes are all special in their own right and will make wonderful gifts. We also stock some cute little accessories like blankets, comforters and bibs. And don’t neglect the soft toys section – there are some real gems in that category, perfect as unusual unisex gifts if you don’t know what the gender of the baby is.

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If you had a baby shower and want to answer these questions go for it, we would be very interested to hear what goes on at these baby showers. Did you do something unusual? Please send in your answers to [email protected] so we can get an even clearer picture of how mothers-to-be celebrate the little bundle of joy that’s about to join their world, we’ll follow up on this blog post if and when we get responses.

Thank you – Catrin 

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